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Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penis Protezi Güvenliği Vurgulandı

Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penis Protezi Güvenliği Vurgulandı Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penis Protezi Güvenliği Vurgulandı
Rigicon Rigi10™
Rigi10 Tek Parçalı Penil Protezinin dünya genelindeki 605 hasta üzerindeki güvenliğini değerlendiren kapsamlı bir çalışma, yüksek başarı oranlarını ortaya koyuyor.
    Rigicon Rigi10™
    Rigi10 Tek Parçalı Penil Protezinin dünya genelindeki 605 hasta üzerindeki güvenliğini değerlendiren kapsamlı bir çalışma, yüksek başarı oranlarını ortaya koyuyor.
    Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penis Protezi Güvenliği Vurgulandı

    Haber Özeti

    Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penil Protezlerinin İlk Dünya Genelinde İmplantasyon Güvenlik Sonuçları” başlıklı klinik çalışma, 2019 Mart ve 2022 Aralık arasında 15 ülkede 46 deneyimli cerrah tarafından 605 hastaya uygulanan Rigi10™ Tek Parçalı Penil Protezinin güvenliğini değerlendiriyor. Çalışma, 12, 24 ve 36 aylık sürelerde Kaplan-Meier istatistiksel sağkalım eğrileri ile %98.8, %98.9 ve %99.2 sağkalım oranları gösteriyor. Rigi10™ MPP, 606 hastadan 603’ünde (%99.5) başarılı oldu ve revizyon operasyonları azdı. Rigi10™’un silindirlerinin esnek bükülme kapasitesi ve çeşitli genişliklerdeki silindirlerle penis çapına uyum sağlaması, rakiplerine göre önemli özellikler arasında yer alıyor. Rigi10™’un güvenliği; mekanik arıza, protez erozyonu (%0.17), enfeksiyon (%0.33) ve hasta memnuniyeti (%0.49) açısından düşük risk ile kanıtlanmıştır. Tüm implantların %1’inden azı herhangi bir nedenle yeniden operasyona ihtiyaç duymuştur. Rigi10™, iki çubuktan oluşan, tek kullanımlık, steril, kesilebilir bir implanttır ve iki uzunlukta altı farklı genişlikte sunulmaktadır. Rigicon, ED tedavisinde güvenli ve etkili bir seçenek sunma konusundaki kararlılığını bu çalışma ile vurgulamaktadır.

    Haberin Tam Metni

    Comprehensive Study Highlights Rigi10™ Malleable Penile Prosthesis Safety Outcomes Implanted Worldwide

    The clinical study, titled “Safety Outcomes of the First Rigi10™ Malleable Penile Prostheses Implanted Worldwide,” provides a comprehensive evaluation of the safety of the Rigi10™ Malleable Penile Prosthesis.

    This study underscores the device’s status as a reliable solution for patients seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED). Conducted between March 2019 and December 2022, it encompassed the participation of 605 first-time patients who were implanted with the Rigi10™ by 46 high-volume, experienced implanters in 15 countries.

    Survival calculations were performed at 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months, yielding Kaplan-Meier statistical survival curves with survival rates of 98.8%, 98.9%, and 99.2%, respectively. The device offers an efficient solution for addressing ED while ensuring exceptional safety and patient contentment. In this study, Rigi10™ MPP was successful in treating ED in 603 out of 606 patients (99.5%). The paucity of revision operations was remarkable.

    Compared to its competitors, notable features of Rigi10™ include the supple bending capacity of its rods, simplifying implantation through a smaller corporotomy, and the availability of extra widths of rods that facilitate precise penile girth attainment. Support for this is evident in the study, which indicates that the 12 mm cylinder size, not offered by competitive devices, was the second most used cylinder width.

    Rigi10™’s safety was convincingly demonstrated; according to the results, Rigi10™ MPP had no mechanical malfunctions, and the risk of prosthesis erosion (0.17%), infection (0.33%), or patient dissatisfaction (0.49%) was quite low. Less than 1% of all implants required reoperation for any reason.

    The Rigi10™ MPP, introduced in 2019, is a sterile, trimmable, and single-use implant that consists of two rods available in two lengths and six different widths, along with extender tips. The rods have stainless-steel wires, which are quite flexible, improving concealability under the patient’s clothing. The Rigi10™ provides the required rigidity, comfort, and discretion to patients with ED.

    Rigicon remains dedicated to advancing the field of prosthetic urology and providing patients with a safe and effective option for addressing ED. This study underscores Rigicon’s unwavering commitment to these goals.

    About Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction, or ED, is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. ED is a common sexual disorder and may have a permanent course, as some cannot have any erection for the remaining part of their lives. ED might have a profound impact on the quality of life and social relationships of the patient.

    ED may be caused by various diseases and disorders, including heart disease, diabetes, pelvic area damage due to surgery, accidents, or radiation therapy, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate tissue), disorders associated with low testosterone levels, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurological diseases.

    About Malleable Penile Prosthesis

    A malleable penile prosthesis is a medical device that allows an impotent patient to achieve an erection. The malleable implant consists of two rods that are always hard but pliable. All components are concealed within the body and cannot be seen from the outside. The penile implant rods reside in the penis on either side. No tissue is removed to place the rods; the rods simply occupy spaces previously filled with blood when one was potent. The rods do not disrupt the flow of urine or ejaculate, and they do not alter the sensation of the penis.

    About Rigicon

    Rigicon specializes in the research, development, and manufacturing of innovative prosthetic urology solutions, with 30 years of experience in urology. We focus on creating a comprehensive product portfolio for urologists around the world. Committed to improving the quality of life for patients, Rigicon focuses on providing cutting-edge treatments that address various urological conditions, including erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

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